New arrivals are offered for sale to the general public while the car is waiting in the dismantling queue; many of our vehicles are reparable if so desired and particularly good for a mechanically inclined person on a short budget!

If your requirements include frame sections such as “front clip”, “back clips”, “quarter panels”, or “roof” sections, please use one of the “cut-sheets” to specify the exact portion of the car that you are interested in purchasing from us!

Our inventory search is powered by giving you access not only to our own inventory but to other recyclers in the area for your convenience.

Buying used parts is a win-win scenery for all parties involved, you as the customer save up to 70% of the “new part price”; we, by pricing the part fairly, get our return in our investment. The overall winner is our precious Mother Earth because recycled parts save our natural resources! 

We offer a 30-day Return Policy for most of our parts – except for electrical components. A 90-day Limited warranty is offered on all engines, transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials; additional extended warranty is offered at an additional cost.

Looking for hard to find parts such as airbags, set belt tensioners, glass? We meticulously dismantle our late model cars to recycle these parts for your convenience; we will properly ship them as “Hazardous Materials” or crate any piece of glass you require. Give us a call for more details.

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